Pitch Masters Academy Is Your Key to Success

Can you afford to take a chance when trying to secure funding for your next business project or investment? Get training from the industry’s best and acquire the skills you need to prepare and present your ideas in a way that motivates investors.

Pitch Masters Academy is a proven blueprint to attract the money of lenders and investors who can fund your business.

By joining Pitch Masters Academy Online Training, you’ll quickly learn how to communicate your ideas, products, or services compellingly.

This training will help you translate your message into an investment winning presentation pitch.


Two great platforms will allow you to get the skills needed to secure the capital for your project.

These platforms include online and in-person training techniques at Pitch Masters Academy.  Securing the funding for a sustainable and successful business starts with something bigger than an idea. Opportunities to deliver your impromptu pitch may happen suddenly without time to plan, making it even more critical to plan. 

Even if you’re fortunate enough to have multiple investor meetings lined up in the coming days or weeks, a lot can happen between now and then.

An opportunity could arise at any moment. 

Are you prepared to pitch your idea whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself?

There are three things students will possess following training at Pitch Masters Academy. 

  1. Prepare
  2. Present
  3. Perfect

Whether you are raising capital to start, expand, or scale your success, it will depend on your ability to connect and communicate effectively.  

Experts at Pitch Master Academy know what you need and precisely what lenders and investors are looking for in potential business ventures. 

Get prepared for success. 

You have developed a business plan, and hard work does not faze you.

Although, when it comes to securing funding — you’re stuck. 

You placed all of your energy into developing a profitable model, and the thought of having to pitch your idea is daunting.

The fear of pitching will fade away after you complete training at Pitch Masters Academy.

Pitch Masters Academy online has the course content needed to change the trajectory of your business. 


1. What Pitch Masters Students Learn
The Pitch Masters Academy curriculum helps you build a proven business infrastructure around your idea, product, or service.

2. Advice from the Original Shark
We all have to get started somewhere. Kevin Harrington, an original Shark from Shark Tank, shares how his journey began in business and his steps to become successful.

3. Raising Capital Faster, Part 1
When you need to start raising capital, you will feel awkward and uncomfortable, but eventually, you’ll have your first investor or partner. Everything matters in your presentation. There is money out there waiting for good investment ideas, and in this section, you’ll learn how to make the best presentations to raise capital faster.

4. Raising Capital Faster, Part 2
This presentation discusses posture, positioning, and what investors are looking for from you. Gain strategies for raising capital faster during your presentations and learn how to use them, including the Proximity Principle, developing proprietary processes, establishing your expertise, creating social influence, and expressing superiority. Learn how to optimize your presentation skills to impress investors.

5. The Eight Critical Elements
When giving your presentation, eight critical elements will help you have less friction, fewer objections, no constraints, more conversions, and need fewer leads. In this section, you will learn how to use these critical elements to make your company more appealing to investors.

6. Winning Business Plan
Leverage the 8 P’s of a successful business plan from People to your Plan to Exit.

7. Thriving in A Business
Learn the phases of business, discover which phase you’re in, and how to leverage proven strategies and processes to elevate your future.

8. Win Funds Influence People
Successfully raise private capital to fund more significant and better real estate deals.

9. How to Create A Pitch Deck
Creating a winning pitch! The content, order, and detail — leveraging the power of “3” with a real-life example.

10. Create A Successful 1-Page
Secure a “yes” even when you don’t have the opportunity to speak. Discover what to do and what not to do for a strong 1-Page.

11. Profit from the Stage
Land your TEDx talk! Discover the three things organizers are looking for to present from a multitude of stages.

12. Say, Less, Close More
Unlock the secrets of influence only 1% of top dealmakers use to make millions — elevate income and quality of life!

13. Tax Deduction Strategy
Stop overpaying your taxes. Learn how to become one of those 300% more likely to succeed with a written plan!

14. Secret Assets & Strategies
Easy to implement banks, Wall Street, and family dynasties to create tax-free generational wealth.

15. Tax-Free Investing
A self-directed IRA is a ticking time bomb. Put the pin back in and invest tax-free with the eQRP.

16. Successful Webinars
Length, call to action, and talking lens. Put together the webinar basics to engage your audience and sell.

17. How to Market Yourself
Build credibility and authority with others by creating content that will market who you are and what you do.

18. How to Host A Podcast
Increase your visibility, authority, and influence to attract high-quality clients quickly and effortlessly.

19. Write, Publish, & Launch
Write your book to level up your business. Control creative vision, maintain legal rights, and keep all the profits.


According to Jim Richardson, Pitch Masters Academy is the most significant investment in 20 years. 

“The comments and critique are necessary and important,” he said. “I would recommend Pitch Masters Academy to anyone who is trying to raise money for anything.”

Former student Kevin Svagdis says raising capital is an art.

“You learn so much, how to approach investors and how not to approach investors,” he said. “Doing a three-minute presentation is very different from doing some of the longer presentations I’ve done in the past.”


The most important thing to remember is that you need a winning strategy. 

The common misconception in the presentation is that it’s all about the deal – it’s not. It’s all about the presenter.

A similar misconception exists in planning.

Instead of planning to answer investor’s questions when they arise, you need to answer them before they start asking.

That’s how you show them who you are and how much you care. Preparation will show investors you will put their money to work.


At Pitch Masters Academy, instructors have spent decades both raising capital as well as supplying investment deals.

The staff at Pitch Masters Academy have raised over half a billion dollars in funding with their combined efforts. 

Now, they teach entrepreneurs, inventors, and business leaders how to create a winning plan that translates into a winning pitch.

Their success and the achievements of their students did not happen by accident. Creating a plan to communicate and then perfecting the pitch is a life skill.

If you are willing to learn, prepare, practice, and perfect your pitch, you will experience incredible success. 

Entrepreneurs who prepare and learn how to secure an immediate “yes.” 

Obtaining a “yes” will propel your business to new dimensions of success.