Confidence Sells

People are drawn to confidence, whether pitching a business idea, applying for a job, or simply developing friendships. Confidence communicates competence and comfortability. We all suffer from a lack of confidence at times but learning to build and project confidence is the key to making your perfect pitch.

When preparing for a pitch meeting, confidence will empower you to communicate effectively and feel comfortable.

Confidence helps individuals thrive, particularly in the work environment – this kind of belief also equips people with the necessary fortitude to tackle problems head-on. 

During interviews and when making a business pitch, confidence is often the deciding factor in achieving a desired outcome. 

Employers and investors alike understand that people receive inspiration when confidence has an impact. It creates a contagiously enthusiastic dynamic that motivates others to do well.

The lack of confidence does the opposite. 

How do you build the kind of confidence needed to pitch your big business idea to investors?


Confidence doesn’t happen overnight; it’s the kind of choice you must work to achieve. There are several action steps anyone can take to build self-confidence over time. 

Individuals who desire to make the conscious choice to attain confidence should start by implementing the following seven steps. 

The 7-Step Ladder to Building Confidence 

  1. Preparation Creates Comfort
  2. Practice Confidence by Pretending 
  3. Communicate Clearly 
  4. Try to Use Humor 
  5. Find a Reliable Mentor 
  6. Look the Part 
  7. Think Positive

Confidence reflects through what others hear, not necessarily what you say – this makes steps three essential. 

Clear communication is critical when aiming to reflect confidence. Speaking at a steady comprehensible pace, don’t belittle what you have to offer, and maintain eye contact while genuinely smiling.

A mentor can help you practice climbing this ladder while adding humor to the process. That same humor will become infectious, allowing you to convey it to others. 

You’re not a comedian, and no one expects you to be, but a slight sense of humor shows your comfort and that you are willing to take risks.

Preparing thoroughly before making your business pitch will help settle your nerves to create the perfect delivery with a strong sense of confidence. 

The seven-step ladder of building confidence will help create a good impression on everyone you meet, which will make you more successful in your personal and professional endeavors. 


You’ll need to know what to avoid and how to improve your communication to succeed. 

People prepare to fail when they succumb to negative thoughts that affect their ability to communicate. 

Communication is the solution to countless problems. 

Social interaction is heavily dependent upon practical communication skills – this requires having self-confidence, which allows you to understand others and speak out. 

Benefits of Communicating with Self-Confidence

  • More relaxed
  • In control
  • Flexible
  • Treat others well
  • More belief in yourself
  • Discussion takes place with ease
  • Prevents personal feelings from taking control

It is essential that you feel confident when communicating, and these strategies will help you in the process. 

The lack of conviction in communication causes listeners to assume you do not have a strong belief in your pitch or are unsure about the data or viability of your business idea.

Things to Avoid When Communicating

  • Don’t fidget
  • Don’t look at the floor
  • Don’t over-explain or talk too much
  • Don’t interrupt people when speaking
  • Don’t look stressed
  • Don’t end assertive sentences with questions
  • Don’t be hesitant to express your opinions or ideas
  • Don’t overthink

Non-verbal communication like body language, posture, movements, gestures, and facial expressions are essential when delivering your pitch.

When striving to build confidence, follow the above-listed steps.


Overcoming the lack of confidence in communication is a process. 

You can do many things, such as active listening when others speak and then respond honestly without selfish intentions. 

Showing genuine interest and following up with questions is an integral part of the process. 

Keep in mind, most people’s favorite subject is discussing themselves. So, becoming a great communicator requires you to be a great listener. 

Bad listeners are terrible communicators – don’t expect perfection. The best pitch comes from relaxed professionals.

Relaxation makes eye contact easy and allows you to impact your audience with interactive engagement and open-ended questions.

Open-ended questions tend to start with what, why, where, when, or how. Confidence in communication is a process that develops with experience.


Building confidence in communication demands that entrepreneurs believe in themselves.

Face your fears and overcome every obstacle that stands in your way of being bold and confident. 

Confidence in communication is the same as any other skill, and you have to practice daily and go for it. Repetition matters when it comes to strengthening communication skills. Don’t measure yourself to others; use Pitch Masters Academy to become better despite every barrier. Experts at the academy will teach you how to slow down, relax, disregard the naysayers, and not be concerned about messing up.

Mistakes are a natural part of the process. 

A simple way to remember the basics of making an effective pitch is to think about the following:

  1. Be honest
  2. Be optimistic
  3. Be respectful
  4. Be calm
  5. Be sensitive

More than anything, confidence tremendously impacts effective communication. 

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