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Learn What Makes A Great Pitch

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Learn from the top Pitch Masters in the country and perfect your pitch at the:

Prepare To Pitch Summit

The Prepare to Pitch Summit is an exclusive in person training and mastermind experience for entrepreneurs and speakers that want to learn from, rub shoulders and hang out with the top public speakers, sales trainers and pitch masters in the country today.

The Top Pitch Masters In the Country

If you’re serious about challenging yourself and sharpening your skills, this event is for you… and our masters want to meet you.


Kevin Harrington

Tom Hopkins


Gene Guarino

Shaun McCloskey

Shaun McCloskey

Matt Scott

Gene Guarino, the founder of the Pitch Masters Academy, will be hosting this very special one-time event in beautiful Scottsdale AZ, April 18-20.  This event will be limited to a small group of attendees as each participant will be trained personally by the team and will be able to present live during the event. 

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Pitch Masters Academy Teaches the Winning Formula

Discover how to attract the money of lenders and investors to fully fund your business.

Prepare Your Pitch

The business owners, entrepreneurs and investors who get a ‘yes’ are prepared. Attract money by preparing a business plan, a sound financial strategy, a compelling pitch deck, and a private placement memorandum.

Preparation separates you from the masses and moves your idea to the front of the line — and Pitch Masters Academy is your expert preparation guide.

Present Your Pitch

Your business plan is strong, your financials are sound, and your idea is full of potential impact — now is your moment to present the truths of what you’re doing to those who can give you money to make it happen.

Knowing what to say is important; knowing how to say it is critical! Your presentation will be prepared and coached by successful communicators leveraging their success for your benefit!

Perfect Your Presentation

Generating a profit is not about luck — it is dependent upon your ability to follow a very simple plan: finding the right lenders, communicating the right message, and building your fortress based upon follow up. 

Preparing and presenting is essential but useless without a plan to profit. Pitch Masters Academy goes beyond all other training by actually teaching you how to create and follow a plan to profit.

Join us at Talking Stick Resort in beautiful Scottsdale Arizona

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