“Whether you are raising capital to start, expand or scale your success will depend on your ability to present and communicate.  

At Pitch Masters Academy we know exactly what you need and exactly what the lender or investor needs and wants.  
It’s your job to be prepared to present and the Pitch Masters Academy Online Training can get you ready for your success”


The Prepare to Pitch Summit is an exclusive in person training and mastermind experience for entrepreneurs and speakers that want to learn from, rub shoulders and hang out with the top public speakers, sales trainers and pitch masters in the country today.


The Pathway to Profit Revealed!

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Do you have what it takes to be a Pitch Master?

Chances are you have the idea & dedication but are missing the knowledge and understanding.

We Can Help, Learn How Below!

The Pathway to Profit Revealed!

Take your first step towards profit — download our Winning Pitch Outline below!

Do you have what it takes to be a Pitch Master?

Chances are you have the idea & dedication but are missing the knowledge and understanding.

We Can Help, Learn How Below!

Securing Funding Starts with Something Bigger Than An Idea...​

You do not know when your next opportunity to pitch will be. Even if you’re fortunate enough to have multiple investor meetings lined up in the coming days or weeks, a lot can happen between now and then — an opportunity could arise at any moment. So here is the question:

Are you prepared to pitch your idea whenever and wherever the opportunity presents itself?

Most people think they are ready and then an impromptu opportunity arrives and…

✅ You know your facts.

✅ You know your figures.

✅ You know the opportunity inside and out.

So why do so many presenters freeze up during their presentation — planned or impromptu? 😕

Details and future prospects are important pieces of getting your ‘yes’ but your presentation – wherever and whenever it comes – begins and ends with something much bigger than your idea or opportunity…

Presenters freeze up because they stop at facts, figures and opportunity.

Presenters who understand what the presentation is really about capture the hearts and minds of their investors… and their investment.

It's All About the Investor...
And It's All About You...

If you watch Shark Tank you will see a very similar pattern between each pitch. Every presentation includes the ‘details’ of the business and opportunity, but when the Sharks have the opportunity to begin asking questions they gravitate to questions that have very little to do with finances or equations.

They want to know:

❓ What is this person like?

❓ What makes this person go?

❓ What gets this person excited?

❓ How much has this person already invested?

❓ How do they see their idea evolving over time?

❓ Do they have a passion for their product?

When entrepreneurs and investors think about the presentation they focus on the facts, figures, and opportunities and omit two very big things…

✅ Communicating the core of who they are.

✅ What they want from the investor, namely, the money.

These two elements communicate more to potential investors than any graph or powerpoint ever could. 

How you communicate is often more important than what you communicate because it puts who you are on display.

And this brings us to something CRITICAL… and you must ‘get’ this piece of the puzzle:

🔥 You should ALWAYS be in presentation mode. 🔥

There is only one chance to make a good first impression and you must always be prepared to make a good first impression — whether it is a friendly ‘hello’ or a suit and tie conference room.

You are on stage at all times… and your presentation starts... now!

Within the first 15 seconds of meeting a potential investor, no matter where it happens, that investor will form an opinion of you. If you do it right, success can quickly follow…

Do it wrong and you’re out of water.

You may be planning for those first 15 seconds to be taking place within a conference room… but the truth is they can happen anywhere and you need to be prepared.

It can happen very fast… “Hi there, it’s nice to meet you. My colleague tells me you’re working on something big and looking for investors, tell me a little bit about it.”

An office building lobby, a black tie event, a backyard barbecue, a dinner party, lunch with a friend… if you’re seeking investors your entire life is a stage.

If the thought of always being ‘on’ is a bit nerve wracking that’s good because it means you care and you want to make the most of the opportunity when it comes.

And what’s more…

Opportunities arising anywhere at any time is really a good thing and here’s why…

If you think you only have one shot with one investor, you’re mistaken. If you’re planning for one meeting that will make or break your future, you’re mistaken.

When you see yourself as being on stage at all times you can spot and seize opportunities to pitch and every time you do, you will get better.

The Presentation Matters More Than the Business Plan… But...

It’s sad, but it’s true — a common misconception about raising capital is that it’s all about the money, the numbers, the greed.

So many pitches fail because presenters think that investors are looking for a profitable business plan.

Do you know what they’re really looking for? What investors are most interested in? Why does the presentation matter so much?

Everything we shared above all boils down to one thing…

The investor is looking for someone to work with. They want to partner with someone they like.

If the deal looks great but the investor doesn’t like you, you’re not getting the money.

Likewise, if the investor loves you but has some questions about the deal, you may still get the money.

What’s more, if they like you and it’s a great deal, you will definitely get the money!

The presentation matters more than the business plan but if you don’t have a business plan you shouldn’t be presenting.

One Vital Step that Comes Before Presenting... You Must Get It Right

As important as the presentation is, it is only one of three steps you MUST MASTER in order to secure funding for the first time and the next time.

If you want a simple, proven framework for securing your funds you won’t find one simpler than:

  • Plan
  • Present
  • Perfect

When we talk about “Plan” we are not referring to your business plan. We are talking about planning out your presentation.

You want to make sure that who you are is on display for the investor to see as you communicate the deal — remember, investors are looking for people they can work with and your presentation needs to say, “Here is how I operate and here’s my deal.”

Because here is the second thing investors are thinking about…

“Will this person take care of my money as if it were their own?”

Now, let’s put these two investor concerns together… here is what your plan must communicate in your presentation…

“100% of my energy and attention is in this and I am not going anywhere… this deal is my life and I’m going to make your money back.”

These are all big ideas — and your presentation must communicate all of them INSTANTLY… not hopefully.

Anyone Can Deliver A Winning Pitch... But Only If They Have A Winning Plan

The common misconception in the presentation is that it’s all about the deal – it’s not… it’s all about the presenter.

A similar misconception exists in planning — you need to be prepared to answer questions when they come…


You need to answer investor questions before they ask them – that’s how you really show them who you are, how much you care, you’re prepared to put their money to work, and you’re not going anywhere.

You can deliver a winning pitch but you have to have a winning plan.

There’s good news and there is better news.

The good news is that ANYONE can create a winning plan over decades, correcting mistakes and perfecting along the way — the betters news is that you don’t have to wait decades to create your winning plan…

You Can’t Wait Decades… You Need A Yes In the Coming Days

At Pitch Masters Academy, our instructors have spent decades both raising capital as well as supplying investment in deals.

Combined, our staff has raised over half a billion dollars in funding and today we teach driven entrepreneurs, inventors, and business leaders just like you how to create a winning plan that translates into a winning pitch.

The success of our staff as well as our students hasn’t come by accident — creating a plan to communicate and then perfecting the pitch is a true life skill that delivers a huge return, whether you’re seeking $1,000,000 in funding or networking at a business event.

If you are willing to learn, prepare, practice, perfect you can have incredible success in every area of your life. Whether asking for a date or asking for a $10,000,000.

Success can be yours!

4 Essentials Areas of Mastery

Investment Strategy

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Business Planning

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Speaking & Presentation

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Marketing & Promotion

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Introducing Pitch Masters Academy

A proven blueprint to attract the money of lenders and investors who can fund your business.

Join Pitch Masters Academy Online Training and quickly learn how to communicate your idea, product, or service in a compelling way and translate that message into an investment winning presentation pitch!

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Learn the steps to make a successful pitch

  • Have a ROCK SOLID business plan with all of the details required
  • A well crafted and presented story
  • Know how to communicate with them effectively

Pitch Masters Academy Really Does Work!

Raising Capital Is An Art

Raising capital is an art. You learn so much, how to approach investors and how not to approach investors. Doing a three minute presentation is very different than doing some of the longer presentations I’ve done in the past. I would absolutely recommend Pitch Masters Academy to anyone, even if you’re a seasoned entrepreneur and especially if you’re brand new. There is so much I’ve learned and I have a list of follow up items to put everything I’ve learned to great use!

Kevin Svagdis

Greatest Investment In 20 Years

I think this is the best investment I’ve made in the last 20 years! Caving out the time, which is the most precious thing we all have, it has been a great investment of time, learning, and meeting great people. I learned that I need help. I learned that as well prepared as I always think I am, I can be better prepared. The comments and critique is so necessary and so important, it’s just been a blessing. I would recommend Pitch Masters Academy to anyone who is trying to raise money for anything.

Jim Richardson

What Pitch Masters Students Learn

The Pitch Masters Academy curriculum helps you build a proven business infrastructure around your idea, product, or service.

Advice From the Original Shark

We all have to get started somewhere. Kevin Harrington, an original shark from Shark Tank, shares how his journey began in business and the steps he took to become successful.

Raising Capital Faster, Part 1

When you need to start raising capital, you’re going to feel awkward and uncomfortable, but eventually, you’ll have your first investor or partner. Everything matters in your presentation. There is money out there waiting to be invested, and in this presentation, you’ll learn how to make the best presentations to raise capital faster.

Raising Capital Faster, Part 2

This presentation discusses posture, positioning, and what investors are looking for from you personally. You will be given strategies for raising capital faster during your presentations and taught how to use them, including the Proximity Principle, developing proprietary strategies, establishing your expertise, creating social influence, and expressing superiority. Learn how to optimize your presentation skills to impress investors.

The Eight Critical Elements

There are eight critical elements when giving your presentation that will help you have less friction, less objections, no constraints, more conversions, and need fewer leads. In this video, you will learn how to use these critical elements to make your company more appealing to investors.

Winning Business Plan

Leverage the 8 P’s of a successful business plan from People all the way to your Plan to Exit.

Thriving In A Business

Learn the phases of business, discover which phase you’re in, and how to leverage processes to elevate your future!

Win Funds Influence People

Successfully raise private capital to fund bigger and better real estate deals.

How to Create A Pitch Deck

Creating a winning pitch! The content, order, and detail — leveraging the power of “3” with a real life example.

Create A Successful 1-Page

Get your yes when you don’t have the opportunity to speak. Discover what to do and what not to do for a strong 1-Page.

Profit From the Stage

Land your TEDx talk! Discover the 3 things organizers are looking for to present from a multitude of stages.

Say Less, Close More

Unlock the secrets of influence only 1% of top deal makers use to make millions — elevate income and quality of life!

Tax Deduction Strategy

Stop overpaying your taxes. Learn how to become one of those 300% more likely to succeed with a written plan!

Secret Assets & Strategies

Easy to implement strategies used by banks, Wall Street, and family dynasties to create tax free generational wealth.

Tax-Free Investing

A self directed IRA is a ticking time bomb. Put the pin back in and invest tax free with the eQRP.

Successful Webinars

Length, call to action, and talking lens. Put together the webinar basics to engage your audience and sell.

How to Market Yourself

Build credibility and authority with others by creating content that will market who you are and what you do.

How to Host A Podcast

Increase your visibility, authority, and influence to attract high quality clients easily and effortlessly.

Write, Publish, & Launch

Write your book to level up your business.  Control creative vision, maintain legal rights, and keep all the profits.

Elevate Your Pitch Beyond the Presentation

When you enroll into Pitch Masters Academy Online Training you will also gain immediate access to a collection of premium bonus resources serial entrepreneurs have used to secure funding and close gaps in their presentations

A Pathway to Getting Your "YES!"

Your Pathway to Becoming A Pitch Master is an ebook drafted by Gene Guarino and is an official primer for the Pitch Masters Academy Online Training. In one sitting you complete the entire ebook and be prepared to absorb the Online Training course more quickly and completely. 

Insights Into Winning Presenters

Are you looking to attract investors and raise capital? Perhaps you’re trying to sell a product, service, or idea to a specific audience. This introductory one-part course gives you insight into the three things presenters (that’s you) need to provide investors to secure funding.

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Pitch Masters Academy Online Training comes with a 100% money-back guarantee. When you implement the proven pitching and communication strategies learned in this course you will attract the money of lenders and investors who can fund your business.

This training is the culmination of over 40 years of working with investors and entrepreneurs alike and is your pathway to get your “Yes!”

Meet Your Academy Instructors

Gene Guarino

Gene has personally sold over $100,000,000 of products and services from the stage over the past 20+ years.

During this time he has studied communication styles and techniques and become a student of the craft — most importantly, he has applied what he has learned and as a teacher.

Gene possesses a natural passion and love for teaching others and, for the first time, he is formally sharing his knowledge and skills with others.

Matt Scott

Matt’s companies specialize in private capital markets with a focus on raising capital from Accredited Investors. We guide companies through the labyrinth of the private capital world by applying proprietary processes and systems to target this elusive but prized segment of investors.

Matt and his clients have raised over $500M. Along with his 14-person team, they provide execution and back-office support to entrepreneurs for managing customized strategic systems for raising private capital. The 7x team currently serves clients in the U.S., Canada, Dubai, Israel, Finland, and Central America.

Kevin Harrington

Kevin Harrington is an original shark from the hit TV show Shark Tank and a successful entrepreneur for more than forty years. He’s the co-founding board member of the Entrepreneurs’ Organization and co-founder of the Electronic Retailing Association. He also invented the infomercial. He helped make “But wait… There’s more!” part of our cultural history.

He’s one of the pioneers behind the As Seen on TV brand, has heard more than 50,000 pitches, and launched more than 500 products generating more than $5 Billion in global sales. Twenty of his companies have generated more than $100 million in revenue each. He’s also the founder of the Secrets of Closing the Sale Master Class inspired by the Master of sales—Zig Ziglar. He’s the author of several bestselling books including Act Now: How I Turn Ideas into Million Dollar Products, Key Person of Influence, and Put a Shark in Your Tank.

Meet Our Expert Training Team

Morgan Gist MacDonald

Paper Raven Books

Taylor Conroy

Entrepreneur & Speaker

Josh Culler

Culler Media

Toby Mathis

Anderson Law Group

Gary Harper

Sharper Business Solutions

Damion Lupo


Carla Lee Martinez

Marcov Consulting

Russ Gray

The Real Estate Guys™ Radio Show

John Jamieson

Perpetual Wealth Systems

Heather Anne Havenwood

Havenwood Worldwide, LLC

Who is Pitch Masters Academy for?

Anyone who is in pursuit of raising capital, finding partners, or accumulating customers. You will learn how to successfully plan and sell your ideas whether to an investor or an end user.

How do I access the curriculum?

Pitch Masters Academy Online Training is 100% accessible via any internet connected device. All sessions stream on-demand from any device.

How long will I have access to Pitch Masters Academy Online Training?

When you become an Academy member you gain unlimited and permanent access to our online curriculum.

How long do I have to wait for access?

After completing your enrollment form you will receive immediate access to all curriculum contained inside of our membership area. You will receive an email with your login name and password.

Is this a monthly membership?

No... Pitch Masters Academy Online Training is a one-time enrollment which grants you access to all sessions available inside the academy.

What if I want additional hands-on training and coaching?

If you’re looking to go beyond planning and presenting... you really want to perfect, we want to work with you. Several times a year we host an in-person lab where you get to work directly with our staff and Pitch Masters to perfect your pitch!

Is there a refund policy?

Refund requests made within 72 hours of course purchase will be approved but subject to a 10% administration fee.

Refund requests submitted past the 72 hour window will not be approved. All refund requests will be processed within 30 days of refund request.

Please request a refund by emailing including your order information: order number, name, email, phone number and last 4 digits of your credit card.

I have a question not answered here.

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Anyone Can Succeed Using the Pitch Masters Framework

"I Am Stronger Than I Thought I Was"

Pitch Masters Academy got me out of my comfort zone and taught me things that I really needed to learn and showed me that I could do what I couldn’t do. I learned that I am a lot stronger than I thought I was. We are all in the same boat, we all have the same types of fears.

"Be Effective, Get the Job Done"

If you actually want to do public speaking or perform work where you have to talk to people, Pitch Masters Academy is the place to come to learn how to communicate with people and get the job done!

Create Your Plan to Profit In 2024

The Presenter Wins the Investment

The Secrets of A Winning Pitch In Five Minutes

Big time investors have shared with us exactly what they’re looking for — and we put them into 10 steps and want to share these steps with you!